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niels and marius visit a2

niels and marius, both of whom now work at google, stopped by the university of michigan campus this week to talk and recruit for google. one of the things that showed up in niels' presentation was Map Reduce, a mechanism that allows for simplified data processing on large clusters. given how much data google has and how they have large computing clusters, this makes sense.

this gets me thinking if google will ever open their databases to researchers. they have unprecedented resources, and those could be used by outsiders to answer important questions. obviously their database is a massive component to their intellectual property and core business. however, i wonder if they'll ever get around to making it available, as a research resource (under contract) or a commercial data processing facility. note that this isn't speculation if they will or wont, only a wonder.

i didn't get an interview, but i did get a shirt. then again i asked for a shirt, i didn't ask for an interview. and my phone isn't a great camera, either.

other things shown included new google word clusters and inference.

right now my keyboard is flaking out, so i'm dropping characters. between this and network lag to monkey, editing this has been a real pain.



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