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had a good lunch with emv and les. i used to work with ed, and i really enjoy hearing him talk about software that he introduced me to (wiki and the blogosphere) and how they're doing cool things with it now. les i hadn't met before, but have been reading for a while. i was pretty excited to meet les, too, and hear about his ideas. he's one of those people who not only has great ideas but gets the chance to put a few together. makes you wonder what he hasn't had time to do ...

added some people to trogdor, gave someone the code i use for home schooled hacker (lemme tell you i get a kick out of it when people want to use my code), and now i'm starting to wonder how i can better organize this. of course les has some ideas, i just wonder what i'll be able to do. maybe i should back off of the blogroll in trogdor ...

thanks again for the cds, people, i really enjoy them.

now if only my laptop battery didn't stink (about 45 mins at full power).



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