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i have spent the past few days writing book reviews of the various books that have piled up on my desk. sad to say not all of the reviews are positive. you'll notice i write more complete reviews for tech books than non tech books, and that's just by design. also, i don't read much fiction (i tend to prefer history over fiction).

Internet Forensics, 2 stars. "Internet Forensics is a poor attempt at this broad subject. While I appreciate the scope of what the author is trying to do, the execution is weak and suffers from a lack of focus or discipline. A book twice this size covering a fraction of the material, well executed, would have been a better offering. If you feel you must get this book, make sure you get it at a steep discount."

Symantec Certified Technical Specialist: Small Business Security Study Guide, 4 stars. "This book is designed to get you familiar with the concepts in the SCTS exams and to get you certified, nothing more. Every chapter is complete with concepts, steps for execution, and practice questions. The writing is clear and concise, the illustrations are great, and the instructions are well organized. All in all, good production, organization, and presentation, the team that put this together did well."

CD and DVD Forensics, 3 stars. "If you're looking for forensics material, this may wind up on your bookshelf, but see if you can get this book at a steep discount. It's incomplete for the novice or student and focuses specifically on one software package. I hope that any future editions are more complete."

Google Talking, 2 stars. "All in all not the best book I've read. I don't like writing negative reviews of books, but I have to be honest with this one: it's not well done. The organization is poor (it's downright confusing!), the writing is unclear (it tries to be too cute for its own good), and the coverage is weak and incomplete. If you want to learn how to use GTalk, look elsewhere, this one will not be of much use."

and finally some non-tech books. Kafka on the Shore, 3 stars. "found this to be a fast read, having read it over two nights of my vacation. Again, trust the author (and buy the setup), and you'll find yourself enjoying an engaging story."

The Last Playboy, 4 stars. "If you're looking for a good, fast read about the fabulous lifestyle of a playboy, this is one you should be reading. Someone should definitely look at making a movie about this guy and his times."



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