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london sculpture (2)

"sanctuary" by naomi blake (1985), "dedicated to alll victims of oppression". not my best picture, but i blame the weather.

been wiki hacking a lot lately, both on the fromage wiki but also TWiki and MoinMoin. i installed TWiki at work and, after much annoyance with perl and CGI configurations on Apache, i almost had a working install. a few bugs kept appearing and ... MoinMoin was installed. all the features i need, none of the hassel. excellent. MoinMoin it is ... much happier. fromage will be getting some good exercise too, i hope, as i use it more and more lately and need to make sure it is ready for a 1.0 release one of these days ...

but more about fromage, i hope to keep hacking on it and really get it working fully one of these days. it's functional, has a few users even, which surprises me, but overall i'd like to get it production quality. since i got hooked on wiki systems a few years ago, i should actually make sure the one i use for myself fully works :)



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Last modified: Sunday, Mar 27, 2005 @ 10:03pm
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