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london sculpture (1)

yet another picture from my november, 2004, trip to london ...

i collect a lot of email, i mean thousands of mails. i need to organize them better, and honestly, most of the software i use doesn't cut the mustard. have a look at MailClients for some notes ... so, when i read a story from Tech Review Magazine entitled Software organizes email by task, i was intrigued. sadly, i think it fails a minimal requirement for my needs: UNIX console app, source available. bummer ...

thanks to my friend mowabb, i now know what happened to a high school friend of ours. she is the artist behind super dillettante. a highly talented and wonderful woman, go enjoy her stuff.

my friend grey has got me looking at media geek, a site described as a guide for mediageeks, looking at how the media works, both systemically--the political economy of the mainstream , indpendent and underground media--and practically--how you can put media making tools to work. i should devote some more time to looking at this one soon.

also, we've been making some changes to infosec daily recently. not everything is working fully yet, and there's a big issue that lingers: the main news site isn't being updated reliably. bear with me ...



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