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keys in the window

found in a business window in downtown ann arbor.

thinking about yesterday's comments about "the digital divide", i had some more thinking on the topic. i was reading The Development Challenge, from Foreign Affairs, March/April 2005, and got to reading about foreign investment in the developing world. makes me feel like a cheapskate ... one of the findings published in the economist series of articles on technology and the development gap shows that cell phones can dramatically improve the financial situation of a population by enabling communication and commerce. an interesting finding.

it's silly, but as a scientist i used to think that i was going to possibly make the world a better place. as a computer security researcher i don't feel the same, i'm really not going to make the world a better place. i might facilitate business for a day, but that doesn't have the same impact on quality of life that medical breakthroughs do. as a technologist it's hard to accept that i'm barely scratching the surface of helping people in the world beyond relatively minor things.

nothing like some foreign policy and developing world reading to really shake up your priorities.



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