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more HiTB code: jtrace

went to the umma exhibit of georgia o'keefe paintings. i was more impressed with the imogen cunningham and alfred stieglitz photographs. plus, it was crowded with the students from a class there to hear someone talking about the paintings. i can never get used to someone talking in a museum, i just prefer it to be silent.

now, on to the code ... jtrace is some libpcap/libdnet/libevent code which illustrates how to asynchronously schedule events. in this case we schedule the send event only if we receive a packet and schedule a receive only if we send. when we receive a SYN-ACK or a RST packet back (this is a TCP trace tool), we remove the final event and event_dispatch() returns, closing out the program.

$ sudo jtrace -d -p 443 
tracing from to on TCP port 443
  1:        X!   
  2:      SA   
trace completed. total execution time was 2 seconds.
the program doesn't work fully, but that's your take home assignment: solve the fatal flaws in the program.

this afternoon i fly to san diego for toorcon. i'll post what i can, keep an eye open for pictures.



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