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materials from HitB

i have placed my HitB materials online, including my slides and my pictures from the trip. again, excellent trip, glad i went, lots of nice people, happy to finally deliver the pcap/dnet talk (which is getting fleshed out as a training module), etc ...

presentations: the one i went to go give was packet mastering, explaining libdnet, libpcap, libevent and libnids. i had to quickly whip up this presentation, tracking new worms using unused resources, to fill in someone's training time. they're short on some material, but give me thoughts as to what to do for more training material in the near future.

my pictures are up, 120 pics. took a bit to sort them and caption them.

other peoples' pictures of the events include dhillon's pictures and pictures from gaius, who hung out all weekend. finally good to put some faces to names.



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