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GSM from the US isn't so global

pics of my phone in taiwan (left) and kuala lumpur (right). while poor quality, let me tell you what is being shown: my phone is picking up perfectly usable networks in both places because it's a global GSM phone. wonderful, you say ... now let me tell you that AT&T has locked the phone to work only with it's SIM card, so i couldn't use the prepaid SIM card i bought in KL. i could have usd AT&T's SIM card, with roaming charges however. too expensive for my tastes.

the plan is to ask AT&T to unlock the phone/SIM card combo, and if that fails just buy a GSM phone somewhere else in the world and use it freely all over. every other country and their phone networks have accepted that they don't need to have their arms reach around the world to take from your pocket, why can't the US and AT&T?


AT&T basically told me (which i think is inaccurate) that this is brand specific, and it will only work with AT&T service. funny, given that i saw plenty of t616's used by people i know and work with that worked just fine with various SIM cards, meaning the firmware on theirs obviously works. and it can be upgraded to remove the dependency on AT&T SIM cards, they just wont do it. and it can be flashed to remove such restictions.

no big deal, i'll buy a new phone in london next month and use that for global travels from now on. AT&T loses those fees from me, then.

in other news, i missed the motorcycle grand prix race in KL due to time constraints and, because i flew out saturday, missed the big party. negative went, and he has some pics of the happenings.



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