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groovin to the hip hop beat

when i was in high school, NWA and such were getting big. i didn't like rap, but for some wierd reason i always found hip hop interesting. i'm a white kid from iowa (ok, hispanic, but you may not realize that looking at me), why am i drawn to hip hop and b-boy culture? i still don't know, but i've been digging on the cut chemist, dj shadow, and soulsides greatest bumps lately. thanks to everyone who sprung for stuff on my wishlist ... it keeps me moving.

the month from hell is over, and only one or two things slipped. cansecwest, work stuff, a wedding, and a talk (which i missed) on openbsd. now i can settle into a relatively quiet may (the talk was rescheduled to may) and a single wedding, plus books. by the end of things i should be ready for a nice vacation ...

was digging through my weblogs this evening, i found some interesting stuff. trogdor is now an even more important search term for this site, which surprises me. lots of hits from various rss readers, and, of course, lots of page views from deadly and for my pictures. thanks for visiting, you should drop a note sometime to say hi.

accidentally kicked lance out of #monkey this evening ... my bad. way too eager to kick what appeared to be a kiddie out of #monkey .. sorry, lance. my bad ... :( #monkey just tends to attract little bratty kids.

still surprised at how interesting people find my spam analysis. i plan to write it up this summer sometime, i have something like 8 months of spam to analyze (along with lots of other spam). this one may wind up being a proper paper, submittable to a conference or something.



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