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status of fromage

you may have noticed that i changed the layout of this front page slightly. in fact what i did was i dropped in fromage, the blog and wiki system i'm working on. it's based on the code i was using before, but it's far more flexible and useful. for instance, now you can search my entries and find terms and phrases i have posted about. handy, given how many entries i have accumulated.

fromage is nearing its first public beta. the feature list that remains to be implemented is rapidly shrinking: finish the post system, write the comment system, and write an installer. that's it. everything else is at least implemented and just needs to be polished and tweaked, at least for the blog system. the wiki system needs a few minor touchups, too. it's usable if you check it out from CVS right now, but there's no authentication needed to post entries, not exactly the best functionality right now.

the presidential race is heating up, and my news aggregator is proving itself useful. by clustering news items together i'm getting a perspective i wouldn't normally get, keeping me full of information without causing overload or mismanagement. the ISD site is also proving useful, i'm able to see news more timely than i would have otherwise. i spent most of 2003 building and using these aggregators, i'm quite pleased at how they turned out.

as for the new place, loving the kitchen. cooked a wonderful dinner last night of a chicken with thyme and potatoes, the night before that a tangy spanish chicken dish. yum.

oh yeah, i also released a new version of vthrottle recently, version 0.4. if you're using it, i'd like to know how well it's working for you.



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