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the picture above is of the cheese counter at zingerman's, an upscale deli located here in ann arbor. it's close to the new offices, and the weather was nice, so i took a stroll there and got myself a lunch and some chocolates. good stuff at zingerman's, they're a local landmark. too bad they're somewhat expensive, otherwise lunch would be taken there more often. like any good deli, you'd better be patient, hungry, and willing to take some chances. at zingerman's you'll find long lines for the great food and exotic tastes, but the food selections don't last for long in some cases.

what's all of this doing here? why the cheese counter at a deli? i've been doing a bunch of fromage hacking lately, too. fromage is the blog/wiki system i pieced together from the base of CheeseWiki by ian henderson. among the many things added are better navigation, atom 0.3 support, and some nicer layout in places. it's nowhere near 1.0, and there are no files released yet, but it is in CVS on sourceforge. if you do use it, you should look at edit.php and delete.php and remove them, to prevent others from uploading or deleting arbitrary blog entries. the more i use it, the more i find features i need or usage patterns that are worth throwing in there. the to do list for 1.0 still remains: if you do any of this, send a patch against the CVS code. don't tell me you will, just do it. the benefits of fromage over other blog systems is no needed database, a totally free license, and relative ease of use. it's just less featured than other blogs out there right now ...



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Last modified: Saturday, Aug 14, 2004 @ 08:59am
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