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freebsd and sophos' mail monitor

here are the things i did to install sophos' mail monitor 1.2.2 on FreeBSD 4.10 with Linux compatability last night. these are meant to be used in conjunction with the original install instructions:
  1. install FreeBSD 4.10, and at install time install Linux compatability
  2. install SAV for Linux/Intel ELF and glibc2/libc6.
  3. install MMSMTP for Linux/Intel
  4. copy from /usr/local/lib to /compat/linux/usr/lib, and create a link from and to in this directory.
  5. verify this works by using ldd on mmsmtpd.out, you should see all libraries resolved.
  6. configure postfix (see below) and mmsmtpd (see below). in a nutshell, tell mmsmtpd to use the local content_filter from postfix and to accept mail on port 2500. that's it.
sources: [ sophos anti virus and freebsd], Scott. his error was not having in the /compat/linux/usr/lib directory.

Serban Mihai and the message he was responding to.

thanks to everyone who posts help that gets archived, other use it too. thanks to others for showing that freebsd works with mmsmtpd's linux binary. untested: other versions of sophos, freebsd (especially 5.x), etc ..

my loathing of linux lets me use a linux binary on an OS i like, BSD. and for the record, this didn't work with OpenBSD's linux compatability layer (in OpeNBSD 3.5). bummer ...

to do: generate regularily updating IDE files ...



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