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Four short links: 9 July 2013

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Seven Years Dustin Curtis -- Despite being the cheapest usable tablet on the market, and although the Kindle is already one of its best selling items, Amazon cut the price of the Kindle Fire HD today from $199 to $169. With billions of dollars in content sales, Apple still claims to run the iTunes store at practically break even. What makes Amazon think it can pull a profit when even Apple cant?

TaskRabbit Confirms Layoffs As It Realigns To Focus On Mobile And Enterprise | ... -- One person who was laid off said the announcement was made on Monday of last week, and that 13 people 20 percent of the 65-person headcount that TaskRabbit reported in May were let go with one months severance. Earlier this year TaskRabbit debuted its TaskRabbit for Business portal to help businesses hire short-term workers for events such as South By Southwest, and in May it expanded that offering with services to help cover other types of temp employment.

Arabic Stars Quiz Free Game - Android Apps on Google Play -- This game comes to you from Tamatem, the new gaming company that promises you to deliver high quality culturally relevant mobile games for the Arab audience around the world

High Scalability - High Scalability - The Architecture Twitter Uses to Deal with ... -- Its a lot of tweets to write in the datacenter when one of these people tweets. If it takes minutes for a tweet from Lady Gaga to fanout then people are seeing her tweets at different points in time. Someone who followed Lady Gaga recently could see her tweets potentially 5 minutes before someone who followed her far in the past. Lets say a person on the early receive list replies then the fanout for that reply is being processed while her fanout is still occurring so the reply is injected before the original tweet in the people receiving her tweets later. Ingesting a tweet into the tweet API takes up to 145 msecs and then all the clients are disconnected. The thing to remember about it is that it is more or less a continuous stream of tweets of roughly 1-2kb in size each, 10-20k/second, all day, every day, of every public tweet (plus deletion notices).

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