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Four short links: 9 August 2013

Edward Snowden, angel investors, Cindy Alvarez, memory locality

Lavabit, email service Snowden reportedly used, abruptly shuts down - Boing Boi ... -- Remember when word circulated that Edward Snowden was using Lavabit , an email service that purports to provide better privacy and security for users than popular web-based free services like Gmail? Lavabit's owner has shut down the service, and posted a message on the home page today about wanting to avoid "being complicit in crimes against the American people."

How to Convince Investors -- The people who are really good at acting formidable often solve this problem by giving investors the impression that while no investors have committed yet, several are about to. It's slightly dickish of investors to care more about who else is investing than any other aspect of your startup, and misleading them about how far along you are with other investors seems the complementary countermove. If instead of seeming evasive and ashamed about having been turned down (and thereby implicitly agreeing with the verdict) you talk candidly about what scared investors about you, you'll seem more confident, which they like, and you'll probably also do a better job of presenting that aspect of your startup. [ 11 ]

Cindy Alvarez, on Applying Lean Startup Tactics at Yammer - Lean Startup Circle ... -- Her background spans psychology, interaction design, product management, customer research, and lean startup tactics.

Surfin' Safari - Blog Archive Unusual speed boost: size matters -- __Z10someObjectv: 00000ef8 b5b0 push {r4, r5, r7, lr} 00000efa f2401510 movw r5, 0x110 00000efe af02 add r7, sp, #8 00000f00 f2c00500 movt r5, 0x0 00000f04 447d add r5, pc 00000f06 7828 ldrb r0, [r5, #0] 00000f08 2801 cmp r0, #1 00000f0a d106 bne.n 0xf1a 00000f0c f24000fc movw r0, 0xfc 00000f10 f2c00000 movt r0, 0x0 00000f14 4478 add r0, pc 00000f16 6804 ldr r4, [r0, #0] 00000f18 e00d b.n 0xf36 00000f1a 2008 movs r0, #8 00000f1c f000e834 blx 0xf88 00000f20 4604 mov r4, r0 00000f22 f7ffffb3 bl __ZN6ObjectC1Ev 00000f26 f24000de movw r0, 0xde 00000f2a 2101 movs r1, #1 00000f2c f2c00000 movt r0, 0x0 00000f30 7029 strb r1, [r5, #0] 00000f32 4478 add r0, pc 00000f34 6004 str r4, [r0, #0] 00000f36 4620 mov r0, r4 00000f38 bdb0 pop {r4, r5, r7, pc}

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