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Four short links: 8 November 2013

David Smith

The First 140 Medium -- A conversation on twitter last night reminded me of a list Id seen compiled many years ago of the first 140 people to sign up for Twitter - known as twttr at that point. Cristiano Dias - Joined July 13, 200699. Noah Brier - Joined July 13, 2006100. Nicole Mezzasalma - Joined July 13, 2006101. Chris Sacca - Joined July 13, 2006102. David Smith - Joined July 13, 2006103. Naina - Joined July 13, 2006104. Scott Fegette - Joined July 13, 2006105. Matt Galligan - Joined July 13, 2006106. Jerry Richardson - Joined July 13, 2006107. Christian Harrison - Joined July 13, 2006108. Fabienne Jach - Joined July 13, 2006109. danah boyd - Joined July 13, 2006110. Dick Hardt - Joined July 13, 2006111. Pete Hopkins - Joined July 13, 2006112. Scott Heiferman - Joined July 13, 2006113. Mary Hodder - Joined July 13, 2006114. Annie - Joined July 13, 2006115. Mam - Joined July 13, 2006116. alex vartan - Joined July 13, 2006117. Jason Shugars - Joined July 13, 2006121. mike mcguire - Joined July 13, 2006122. Neha Narula - Joined July 13, 2006124. Jason Cosper - Joined July 14, 2006132.

TechCrunch Moscow, 8-9 December Take The Temperature Of Russias Tech Scene | ... -- TechCrunch International City events are 1-2 day events that TechCrunch does in conjunction with partners. In 2013 we have International City Events scheduled in Rome (September 26-27), Tokyo (November 11-12), Bangalore (November 14-15), Shanghai (November 19-20) and Moscow (December 8-9).

UX and the Civilizing Process -- Yet other choices are awkward, but forgivable. Every product team wants its app to auto-save, auto-update, support unlimited undo, animate all transitions, and be fully WYSIWYG but the time and engineering effort required to build these things are often prohibitive. To maintain the absolute highest standards is always costly one of the reasons manners are an honest signal of wealth. Like the courtly aristocrats of the 17th century (according to Callires and Courtin), a great designer needs dlicatesse a delicate sensibility, a heightened feeling for what might be awkward. Their travel patterns coming to court for a time, then returning to the provinces (or to other courts) made the aristocracy an ideal vector for pollinating Europe with its standards (as well as its fashions and STDs). Popular apps are influential theyre seen by more people, and (because theyre popular) theyre more likely to be copied. You might think that enterprise software would be more demanding, UX-wise, since it costs more and people are using it for higher-stakes work but then youd be forgetting about the perversity of enterprise sales, specifically the disconnect between users and purchasers.

Time for Internet Engineers to Fight Back Against the "Surveillance Internet" | ... -- MIT Technology Review Editors Are Now Regular Contributors to Bloomberg TVs Money Moves

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