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Four short links: 8 June 2013

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, great American novel, dozens upon dozens, David Drummond

Doublespeak Denials Of PRISM Participation Were Careful Lies | TechCrunch -- Direct access means unrestricted access with no intermediary, but the government didnt need to be standing in the server rooms to get what it wanted. However, their companies are legally required to provide private information requested by the government, and were legally restricted in how they could explain the process, so I feel the blame rests more on the NSA than the tech giants. For more information, read my follow-up " Tech Giants Built Segrated Systems For NSA Instead Of Firehoses To Protect Innocent Users From PRISM "] -- Drew Houston '05 displays his Brass Rat during his Commencement Address. In fact, I've never really had a grand plan and what I realize now is that it's probably impossible to have one after graduation, if ever. What got you here was basically being smart and working hard. So what I want to do is give you a little cheat sheet, the one I would have loved to have had on my graduation day. Over onion strings we decided that our company was going to make a new kind of online course for the SAT. Starting a company had been my dream, and, well, maybe I didn't have what it takes after all. But I really wanted to keep working on my poker bot. I have some other friends who also work hard and get paid well in their jobs, but they complain as if they were shackled to a desk. Don't get me wrong I love a good standardized test as much as the next guy, but being king of SAT prep wasnt going to be mine. That little voice in my head was telling me where to go, and the whole time I was telling it to shut up so I could get back to work. They work hard because working on an exciting problem is fun. One of my fraternity brothers, Adam Smith, and his friend Matt Brezina were starting a company and we decided it would be fun for all of us to work together out of one apartment. Adam and Matt were working around the clock, but as time went on they kept getting pulled away by potential investors who would share their secrets and take them on helicopter rides. I was a little jealous I had been working on my company for a couple years and Adam had only been at it for a couple months. For a 24 year old, this is Christmas and opening your present is hitting refresh over and over on and watching your company's checking account go from 60 dollars to 1.2 million dollars.

Debunking the myth that LA doesnt build hardcore technology | PandoDaily -- Factual: Founded by former Applied Semantics co-founder Gil Elbaz, Factual has hardcore engineering in its DNA. Today, seven years later, the downtown LA company has built bleeding edge gestural interface technologies that are used by clients from the Department of Defense to Fortune 100 corporations. The company has received little recognition relative to the scale of its operation, but Cornerstone employs more than 300 engineers in its Santa Monica headquarters alone (of 600 local employees and 3,000 total globally) and has built technology used by Turner Broadcasting, Neiman Marcus, Pearson, Virgin Media, the American Hospital Association, and numerous others. OpenX is backed by First Round Capital and Accel Partners.]

Google - Google+ - From +David Drummond, Chief Legal Officer:We cannot say -- I don't disagree that Google is doing better than others + Garmon Estes (although i can't say I know for sure), but that doesn't mean they are doing enough, and we know they are not doing everything possible. That's just a matter of time though, so if companies like Google are unable to establish a higher level of trust before these tools become ready for more general audiences, they are likely going to become a technological artifact like AOL, Compuserve or Myspace...

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