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Four short links: 8 July 2013

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Move Over Peter Thiel, Oregon Proposes Investment Model For Student Loans | Te ... -- As college debt skyrockets to over $35,000 per student, the state of Oregon has proposed a novel investment approach to loans: free tuition at public universities in exchange for 3 percent of earnings for the first 25 years after graduation. Just like a venture-capital portfolio that earns its profit from a few star investments, many students would end up underpaying the cost of their college, subsidized by the schools star businessmen. Perhaps more importantly, the general education requirements of college give students an important humanities background, necessary to be a well-rounded citizen. But according to the Chronicle of Higher Education [ PDF ], mass confusion over student loans has yielded a disappointing adoption rate.

Moma Vujisic -- swerved off the runway during its short ground roll. Further images of the aircraft and of the runway show major pieces of the tail section, namely the horizontal and vertical stabilizers, as well as the landing gear and one engine had been torn from the aircraft and came to rest on the runway. Eyewitness accounts and the final track log of the aircraft (which show a significant slow in both descent rate and airpseed) both tell that the aircraft had a significant nose up attitude. Update: Aerial photos of the crash site, show that the aircraft skidded off the runway but it did not do a 180-degree turn but rather swerved about 30-40 degrees before coming to a rest on the grass. ILS stands for Instrument Landing System and its purpose is to provide landing guidance to the aircraft and crew should they not be able to see the runway visually. But most major international airports provide extremely precise ILS systems that both provide vertical (glide slope) and horizontal (localizer) guidance and could work in sync with the aircrafts autopilot to land the aircraft automatically. The aircraft, which was already slow and low due it being on short final, could not maintain its airspeed and was at risk of stalling only by lowering the nose and increasing the descent rate to make up lost energy was the crew able to avoid a stall at a cost of landing short of the runway.

Why did you shoot me? I was reading a book: The new warrior cop is out of contro ... -- Police in many parts of the country responded with SWAT raids. In 2011, for example, police in Baltimore County, Maryland, sent a tactical unit to raid a $65 buy-in poker game at the Lynch Point Social Club. The typical police raid of these games . When police raided a San Mateo, California, poker game in 2008, card players described cops storming the place in full riot gear and with guns drawn. The games had buy-ins ranging from $25 to $55. That too is an absurd argument, unless the police are afraid theyre going to raid a game at precisely the same moment its getting robbed. Under either scenario, the police are acknowledging that the people playing poker when these raids go down have good reason to think that the men storming the place with guns may be criminals, not cops. By the end of the 2000s, police departments were sending SWAT teams to enforce regulatory law. The police raided a total of nine shops and arrested thirty-seven people. In the fall of 2010, police in New Haven, Connecticut, sent a SWAT team to a local bar to investigate reports of underage drinking. The Atlanta City Council recently agreed to pay a $1 million settlement to the customers and employees of a gay nightclub after a heavy-handed police raid in which police lined up sixty-two people on the floor at gunpoint, searched for drugs, and checked for outstanding warrants and unpaid parking tickets. Police conducted the September 2009 raid after undercover vice cops claimed to have witnessed patrons and employees openly having sex at the club. In June 2004, local police conducted a massive raid on the pool hall with more than fifty police officers, some of whom were wearing face masks, toting semi-automatic weapons, and pumping shotguns as they entered. In one recent case in West Virginia, police violently stormed a house after a Walmart employee reported seeing an image of a mans genitals near a childs cheek in a set of photos a customer had left at the store to be developed. There have been several instances in recent years of police waging child porn raids on people after tracing IP addresses, only to learn after the fact that the victims of the raid had an open wireless router that someone else had used to download the pornography. Inevitably, the lesson drawn by police and by the media covering these stories is not that a SWAT raid may be an inappropriate way to arrest someone suspected of looking at child porn on a computer, or that police who insist on using such tactics should probably factor the possibility of an open router into their investigation before breaking down someones door, but rather that we should all make sure our wireless routers are password-protectedso we too dont get wrongly raided by a SWAT team, too. Though he had no training as a SWAT officer, Shaq apparently had gone on several such raids with other police departments around the country. Matt Damon accompanied SWAT officers on several raids while preparing for the movie The Departed. And after police mistakenly shot and killed immigrant and father Ismael Mena on a raid in Denver in 1999, they revealed that Colorado Rockies first baseman Mike Lansing had gone along for the ride. Denver police added that it was fairly common to take sports stars on drug raids. During the raid, the police also killed his dog. The decision is almost always left to the discretion of the police agencyor in the case of the multi-jurisdictional task forces, to the SWAT team itself. But the fact that killing the dog during these raids has become nearly routine in many police agencies demonstrates just how casually those agencies have come to accept drug war collateral damage. A recent lawsuit filed by the Milwaukee owner of a dog killed by cops found that police in that city killed 434 dogs over a nine-year period, or about one every seven and a half days. Police officers have also recently shot dogs that were chained, tied, or leashed, going so far as to kill pets while merely questioning neighbors about a crime in the area, cutting across private property while in pursuit of a suspect, and after responding to false burglar alarms. So does the fact that only a handful of police departments give their cops any training at all when it comes to reading and handling the dogs they may encounter.

Daily Kos: NSA Rejecting Every FOIA Request Made by U.S. Citizens -- and ZOMG digital pirates!!!!! The answer is obvious: those who wish to keep on spying on the American people because they fear them, those who work for the military-industrial-congressional complex, whose jobs would be threatened if the public knew, in detail, what the MICC was doing on our dime, the large media organizations who have failed to keep us informed of our government's actions in the area of "national security", who just act as stenographers for what government spokespeople say on the matter.

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