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Four short links: 7 October 2013

10 days and nights unplugged | Alex Mittal -- Even if the future is your aim, you cant get there without taking the right steps for today, and you cant take the right steps for today without focusing on them. Combined with the fact that I tether to my phone in lieu of home wifi, this meant that I spent 10 days and nights in a total blackout (outside of the office). You have a meeting with Very Important Person in 15 mins > goes to meeting, 9:50 am ROFLOLOLOL CHECK THIS OUT ALEGZ > wastes 5 minutes looking at a cat picture, now late for meeting, 10:00 am Google Alert: everyone hates you > distracted from meeting by noise. Sure, you could make the bold declaration that youre going to disable all alerts on your phone, or perhaps even power down your phone periodically, but would you really forego texts from close friends and family?

Archaeology: The milk revolution : Nature News & Comment -- Raw milk contains lactase producing bacteria, so anyone consuming milk in its raw form would be able to digest it without any digestion problems. Only pasteurized milk is lactase free as heating destroys the bacteria that produce the enzyme. Most milk historically would have been consumed raw so an adaptation to produce lactase would have been unnecessary and would not provide a significant competitive advantage. Which brings us to this question: If milk in its natural form right out of the goat contains the lactase enzyme in sufficient amounts for proper digestion, then why would we need to produce lactase at all? Just because some cultures have adapted to producing the lactase enzyme doesn't have anything at all to do with their ability to consume raw milk. Could consumption of heated milk products such as hard cheese been a biological driving factor to select for lactase production? If they made hard cheeses from heated milk, they would need to produce lactase to digest it.

Pacific Rim - Radioactive - YouTube -- Sign in with your Google Account (YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Orkut, Picasa, or Chrome) to like Ben K's video.

Business Models: What are the upfront and operating costs of owning a black car ... -- There are some updates to this page that haven't been applied yet because you've entered some data into a form.

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