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Four short links: 7 August 2013

Waterloo students, canvas prints, Ryan Lewis, Bubble Motion

Page not found | VentureBeat -- The number of accelerators has been doubling annually, and thats brought its own set of problems problems that Landa, Singh, and other want to address now, before theres another incubator-style meltdown. With the number of accelerators doubling annually, theres a lot of competition for good startups and good founders. -- Welcome to our new Fine Art store featuring paintings, drawings, mixed media works, photography and art prints. From new artists to famous artists the Fine Art store features artworks and paintings for sale from a multitude of periods and styles including: Pop art, Abstract art, Modern art, Contemporary art, and much more. -- Well also post each days new logo here on Tumblr, @Yahoo (#dailylogo) and on our Facebook page. every day in the next 30 days and check out our official new logo on September 4th at 9pm PST!

Voice Messaging Comes To Whatsapp | TechCrunch -- Whatsapp also told AllThingsD that its users now send 11 billion messages and receive 20 billion messages per day, up from a total of 27 billion in June.

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