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Four short links: 6 July 2013

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Distributed Everything Surveillance State Medium -- If you cant figure out how to make a link to another site without using a button to do it, how the hell are you going to figure out how to create a new Internet where all of the packets are encrypted? This will force you to learn how to use the Internet the hard way. There are around 100 people living and working on another Internet called Hyperboria. If you get someone to peer you in, youll discover another Internet thats a whole lot freer than this one. Then move on to JavaScript and the other favorite languages of the Internet.

Jordanian Startup Dakwaks Translation And Localization Platform Helps Web Sites ... -- 500 Startups current class features two Jordanian companies, including Dakwak , a Web site translation and localization platform that wants to help small- to medium-sized businesses go global in the shortest amount of time possible. Translated Web sites, which have their own language subdomain, are stored on Dakwaks servers, allowing the startups team to make quick updates. If you have a lot of information to maintain, the network is the right solution because you dont have to manage your Web sites translation.

EU votes to support suspending U.S. data sharing agreements, including passenger ... -- The Parliament's Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs committee was given the authority by Thursday's vote to set up an inquiry to gather evidence from both U.S. and EU sources to assess the impact of the surveillance activities on EU citizens' fundamental right to privacy and data protection. The amendment was rejected by the Parliament, all but ruling out the EU assisting the whistleblower in his legal battle with the U.S.

You Must Get It! -- Thereafter, any time you recommend a product at Amazon, we will use your affiliate ID. No matter what Amazon product link you provide we'll turn it into an affiliate link using your affilite ID.

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