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Four short links: 5 September 2013

Sequoia Capital, death spiral, Menlo Ventures, Fenchurch Street

Secret-Sharing App Whisper Snags $21 Million From Sequoia, Adds Roelof Botha To ... -- Update: A source tells us that Whisper sold $15 million in a primary sale with a $60 million pre- and $75 million post-money valuation, while founders and early investors sold off an additional $6 million in a secondary offering. The app surfaces the most popular secrets that users shared based on responses and hearts received, and also allows users to see which secrets have been shared from other users nearby.

The Death Of Nintendo Has Been Greatly Under-Exaggerated | TechCrunch -- There is no question that Nintendos strength is in its IP its games. But that strength is being over-emphasized by those like me who grew up playing those amazing Nintendo games. But if we applied that line of thinking to Apple analysts giving advice to Nintendo today, would not the advice be for Nintendo to stay the course? Apple is the most successful company in the industry, therefore Nintendo should continue doing what Apple does by making its own hardware and software. On their current trajectory, I think that Nintendo will end up releasing games on smartphones. The only way Nintendo really thrives and I agree with the Nintendo diehards here is if they pull off something truly special. My best advice is to team up with a current tablet/smartphone manufacturer and make the best and I do mean the best hardware for gaming. I still believe Nintendo could thrive as a game studio allowed to run independently under a larger parent think: Pixar inside of Disney.

SendHub (YC W12) raises $3M Series A from Bullpen Capital for its mobile-optimiz ... -- SendHub , a business-focused call and messaging solution with a long-term goal of replacing PBX systems with mobile apps and online dashboards, has raised $3 million in Series A funding, the company is announcing today.

Glare from London 'fryscraper' blamed for melting cars - Yahoo! News -- A British property developer said Tuesday it was investigating after sun rays reflected from its half-finished London skyscraper melted parts of several cars, including a luxury Jaguar.

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