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Four short links: 5 June 2013

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A founder-friendly term sheet - Sam Altman -- Requiring the company to pay investors legal fees always struck me as particularly egregiousthe company can probably make better use of the money than investors can, so Ill pay my own legal fees for the round (in a simple deal with no back and forth they always end up super low anyway). The founders should talk to whomever they want, and if they want to tell people what I offered them, I dont really care.

Justin Beckerman builds working one-man submarine - -- (CNN) -- The submarine's body may be constructed from drainage pipes and the hatch from a recycled skylight, but according to its 18-year-old inventor, this single-person U-boat can plunge to a depth of 30 feet and has already completed three successful dives. The Nautilus has the most ambitious wiring system Beckerman has installed since he constructed his tree fort -- a veritable forest castle that puts all other tree forts to shame.

Berlins Network Effect Will Make It A Global Startup Center | TechCrunch -- I believe Berlin has the best shot in the Western world outside of Silicon Valley at becoming a place with a true tech startup ecosystem. I believe every enduring creative ecosystem has five key ingredients: creators, builders, the right kind of capital, the rule of law and, last but not least, the opportunity to take the starring role on the local center stage. In a tech startup ecosystem the right kind of capital is venture capital: simple equity funding thats aligned with creators and builders, takes a long-term view, and sometimes works shoulder-to-shoulder with the creators and builders themselves. And thats the key reason I believe its the place in the Western world with the best shot at becoming a great new global tech startup ecosystem. Berlins nascent tech startup ecosystem needs its own catalysts in the form of one or two significant, enduring companies that kickstart the virtuous cycle of a network effect.

Building Parse Web Apps with the Express Web Framework | Parse Blog -- Recently we announced Parse Hosting , which allows you to host static content on Parse, and lets your users access it at your favorite * URL. Its features include routing, request body parsing, URL query parsing, cookie handling, HTTP basic auth, and template rendering. Read the request body into a JS object Attach request handlers to routes app.get('/test', function(req, res) { GET res.render('test.ejs', { text: req.query.message });

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