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Four short links: 5 August 2013

change assumptions, Gaurav Jain, massive snow storm, FISA court

The idea maze - Chris Dixon -- Ultimately I believe that there is an equanimity in great founders that Balaji underscores this equanimity prevents hubris or the extremes of exalting and derision that is common with people living life one chapter ahead of the next person whereas Balaji underscores for me that the entrepreneur of note isnt playing pure blind chance of being followers but living the competitive advantage of utilizing the relationship between ideas and execution to leave others to following best practices and entrepreneur who can see all the branches isnt surviving in best practices, but thriving to create leaving them as the source of future best practice. I can see why people get excited when they are presented with excellent thinking but I think great entrepreneurs have an equal resolve of equanimity as they do adaptive thinking that way more than following a best practice. Myers

Why AngelList will become the Android of venture capital | VentureBeat -- Gaurav Jain is a Principal at Founder Collective and previously was a Product Manager for Android. Long term, I can see AngelList becoming a vibrant and thriving community that is entirely democratic and promising entrepreneurs can easily connect with credible active investors, for free. If you are an investor just starting out, your time and energy are better spent on AngelList than building proprietary deal flow. It is still early days, but traction thus far is early validation for my prediction:

The world is socialist I.M.H.O. Medium -- Grifters, looters, politicos, people who asked for us, the great ones, to work for them, because we could and they couldn't. And all the time they put down the great people, said they were ungrateful, bad people. But with almost seven billion people on the planet, and a complex financial system that no one understands and therefore can be manipulated by looters who look like captains of industry, how do you find the Great Ones, and if you do, what exactly can they do to differentiate themselves from the rest of us poor slobs? All these people who are so great aren't really that much greater than the average schmuck on the subway. If you want to go back to the point where we decided to be socialist and try to undo it, you're going to have to kill most of the people on the planet who depend on the current system for sustenance.

Members of Congress denied access to basic information about NSA | Glenn Greenwa ... -- Members of Congress have been repeatedly thwarted when attempting to learn basic information about the National Security Agency ( NSA ) and the secret FISA court which authorizes its activities, documents provided by two House members demonstrate . Beyond that, members who seek out basic information - including about NSA programs they are required to vote on and FISA court (FISC) rulings on the legality of those programs - find that they are unable to obtain it. With a House vote looming on whether to defund the NSA's bulk collection program - it was scheduled for July 25 - he felt he needed the information more urgently than ever. Correspondence between Grayson and the Committee - with names of staff members and email addresses redacted - can be read here . Justin Amash, the GOP representative who, along with Democratic Rep. John Conyers, co-sponsored the amendment to ban the NSA's bulk collection of Americans' phone records, told CNN on July 31 : "I, as a member of Congress, can't get access to the court opinions. And the two Committee Chairs - Democrat Dianne Feinstein in the Senate and Republican Mike Rogers in the House - are two of the most steadfast NSA loyalists in Congress. The senior Democrat on the House Committee is ardent NSA defender Dutch Ruppersberger, whose district not only includes NSA headquarters in Fort Meade, but who is also himself the second-largest recipient of defense/intelligence industry cash .

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