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Four short links: 4 May 2013

With Over 15M Sites Built, Weebly Launches New Planner And Mobile Editor, Brings ... -- This new site planner is designed to help give people ideas and a little lightbulb-style inspiration that will help them walk through the creative process and vision for the site. Plus, Weebly now offers an HTML5 site creator that offers new themes and pre-fab building blocks to customize their new site, and, most importantly, a new mobile new editor that helps them optimize their site for mobile devices, along with a now-globally available Android app. According to the founders, 55 percent of people who visit Weebly have never built a website before, so the HTML5 site creator is designed to help make that process easy on n00bs and experts alike, give their site a personalized, unique design, photos, text and so on.

Let's Make GitHub Better, Together -- Fix: Set a limit on how far out the sidebar can extend, to avoid this problematic state from ever occurring.

The Fool on the Hill, with commentary - on startups -- People have picked up on the fact that the Fool doesn't care about communicating with his fellows, and since he deliberately adds nothing to their lives, they are not interested in making time in their busy and (to them) important lives to sit next to a still, grinning mute. He also seems to believe that having an idea is enough - you don't need to do anything with it after the idea occurs to you - and so he is content to sit on a hill with a potentially important idea locked in his head. It seems that maybe the Fool would like to communicate his ideas to others, to make the world a better place, connect with his fellows, and so on, but he can't seem to understand why nobody recognises his natural genius, even though he hasn't bothered to try and communicate it.

Bitcoin Is Not as Secure, Unregulated, or Lucrative as You Might Think | Wired O ... -- Bitcoin. Perhaps the only thing thats clear about Bitcoin is that its not going away anytime soon. With Bitcoin, the supply of this awesome thing completely ignores the demand for it. Bitcoin attempts to make the same deal, to the point where it calls its stores of keys, wallets. If we drop our wallet on the street heck, if someone picks it out of our pockets the moneys gone. But it too is built on the foundation of buggy technologies we call the internet, and so Bitcoin must experience failures from the code around it. Hackers dont care whose code they broke on their way to bitcoin, any more than pickpockets care that theyre exploiting the manufacturer of ones jeans or leather wallet. Of all the millions of dollars of purloined bitcoin thats floating around out there, not one Satoshi of it has been spent. A million dollars of lost bitcoin carries its identity, at least as a traceable taint. Theres only a few parties that turn bitcoin (which teleports) into dollars (which buy stuff).

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