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Four short links: 4 June 2013

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Startup Advice - Sam Altman -- 1. Write code, talk to users, and build the company (hire the best people you can find, get the culture right, fundraise, close sales, etc.) Most other things that founders do are a waste of time. Set a clear, easy-to-understand vision for your company, and make it be a mission people believe in. You have to have an almost crazy level of dedication to your company to succeed. Speed is one of your main advantages over large companies. Occasionally think about why the 20th person will join your company. Dont let your company be run by a sales guy. Great companies often do two of these. The very best companies do all three. Set goals for the company and motivate people to get there. Celebrate your wins as a company. If the founders of your company seem to care more about being founders than they care about your specific company, go join another company. Investors love companies other investors love. The proper office for a very small company is an apartment or house. Share results (financial and key metrics) with the company every month.

Obama Plans to Take Action Against Patent-Holding Firms - --

The micropublishing explosion has begun | PandoDaily -- (Update: Fleishman has pointed out, however, that The Magazine pre-dated Mods essay.) The Magazine was built for the age of smartphones and tablets from the ground up, free from the legacy concerns of traditional magazines, which have been stuck adapting their print products for digital consumption, usually with nothing more than glorified PDFs. It has been joined on the Newsstand by a host of publications put out by 29th Street Publishing , which acts as a publisher and marketer for indie editors and writers, and now a clutch of other startups have entered the fray, each toting cheap or free tools that help regular schmoes produce and sell beautiful cross-platform publications. It is, the company says, a digital magazine publishing tool for non-nerds. Example: Jim Dalrymples The Loop Magazine .

What makes Instagram such a steal for Facebook Tech News and Analysis -- Instagram is one of those rare companies that has been able to marry the digital and the physical and create a community based on delight and relationships. I have gone on photo walks with Instagram friends. Instagram is one of those rare social phenomenons that marries the online and the offline and in the process, creates a unique community. Instagram, which recently sped past the 100 million monthly active users milestone , is reality television, where thousands of realities (and un-realities) are folding across the world. Mike Monteiro, a rabble rouser extraordinare and a design guru, put it best when he tweeted:

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