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Four short links: 4 January 2014

National Weather Service, In addition to, In order

An astonishing, dangerous cold snap is about to descend on the U.S. -- In Minneapolis, the National Weather Service is forecasting wind chills Monday morning from 45 to 60 below zero. Highs of 10 to 20 below and lows of 15 to 30 below are expected, it warns. to New York City drop below zero for the first time in nearly 20 years. Writes Paul Dorian at

Reid Hoffman on Bubbles, VC Turmoil, Diversity Issues in Tech and More! | Re/cod ... -- By clicking "Create Account", you confirm that you accept our terms of service and have read and understand privacy policy.

Video Syndication Startup Vidible Raises $3.35M Round Led By Greycroft | TechC ... -- Greycrofts John Elton argued that Vidible is taking advantage of three broad trends the growth in video consumption, the increasing demand from content sites for video, and the increasing demand from advertisers for video impressions. When asked if he thinks well see a growing number of sites choosing to syndicate videos created by others, rather than create the videos themselves, he noted that most newspaper companies (for example) didnt create TV channels either, So why do we think theyre going to be able to do that for online video?

Smartlet: Wear your iPhone on your wrist! by Denos Ventures LLC Kickstarter -- Smartlet holds your iPhone by its buttons so that the entire screen of your iPhone is open and free and the beauty of your iPhone's body can remain on display. By holding the iPhone by its buttons, the lower half of the iPhone extends over a shirt or jacket cuff, allowing you to wear Smartlet over a shirt, under a jacket sleeve or over a jacket. We wanted to make Smartlet removable and accessible, not cumbersome and complicated, so we developed Smartlet's patent-pending undirectional locking mechanism. We also wanted to ensure Smartlet could be worn in everyday settings without appearing awkward or unfashionable, so we designed Smartlet to be as minimalist as possible without sacrificing security. We experimented with different band widths until we arrived at the perfect balance of stability and versatility, and structured Smartlet so that it grips your iPhone with enough strength to prevent it from sliding out in any direction, while still making it easy to remove your iPhone when you need it. The way Smartlet secures your iPhone is through a unidirectional locking mechanism that we invented, which uses your iPhones buttons to lock your phone in place. What that means is that your iPhone is completely secured in every direction, except that with enough force you can pull your iPhone towards your hand and out of Smartlet. This means Smartlet keeps your iPhone just as safe as, if not more than, holding your iPhone in your hands.

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