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Four short links: 4 August 2013

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Gillmor Gang: Whats Up Doc | TechCrunch -- The Gillmor Gang Bret Taylor, Robert Scoble, Kevin Marks, Keith Teare, and Steve Gillmor gather in real time to try out Brets new startup, Quip. Well see whether its enough to differentiate from the iPhone and Googles other new devices, but the fact that its Google owned and operated suggests well soon see more and more apps writing to its always-aware paradigm.

The Quality of Life -- The operating categories of this crowd entrepreneurship, PUA, passive income, 4-Hour Body, online communities suggests a mental model of quality of life that is not radically different from the one informing the Gallup well-being survey or the UN Millennium Development Goals. Any day now, I expect some lifestyle designer in Bali to collaborate with a quantified-self bro-scientist in San Francisco and come up with a notion of minimum-viable lean life. That piece explores the specifics of how quality of life exists as a provisioned set of affordances rather than a set of freedoms. On the other hand, does seeking temporary subjective freedoms, whether within our means or not, over paternalistic quality of life measures make for better life prospects in the pursuit of self-actualization/fuck-you-money status? Suppose we say that the top of the ladder represents the best possible life for you, and the bottom of the ladder represents the worst possible life for you. Of course, in practice, optimisation is very important, as people save on certain things in order to be able to specialise in others, but if a life can hit all those various variables and be wasteful or indeterminate? When you cannot construct shared explicit meanings, your social possibilities narrow to those who make similar choices and therefore share tacit meanings with you.

Why we do weekly reports The Bullshit of Innocence. -- The process of making a report, exploring the data, getting your mind wrapped around the inputs and outputs generally leads to a greater and deeper understanding. Based on the content, that report could be disseminated to the entire company, the entire department, or possibly the entire executive team.

The Daily Dot - Here's what comes next for Bradley Manning -- "exceeded authorized access on a Secret Internet Protocol Router Network computer [and obtained] a classified state department cable titled 'Reykjavik-13' "

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