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Four short links: 3 September 2013

Google Maps, necessary conversions, Charles River Ventures, intense conflict

Balky carriers and slow OEMs step aside: Google is defragging Android | Ars Tech ... -- Android 4.3 was released to Nexus devices a little over a month ago, but, as is usual with Android updates, it's taking much longer to roll out the general public. No new Android version was at the show, yet Google announced Google Hangouts, Google Play Games, cloud saving of game and app data, a complete redesign of Google Play Music and Google Maps, a new version of the Google Maps API, and new location and activity recognition APIs. The reason for the complete and absolute power this app has is simple: Google Play Services is Google's new platform. Right now Play Services handles the Google Maps API, Google Account syncing, remote wipe, push messages, the Play Games back end, and many other duties. So at Google I/O, when Google announced their slew of new APIs , nearly every Android device was immediately compatible in a week. Play Services is a direct line from Google to the core of your phone, and, really, no one outside of Google is quite sure of just how powerful it can get. Android feature releases can now work just like Google's Web app updates: silent, continual improvement that happens in the background.

Stripe in Ireland -- With Stripes launch in Ireland, were bringing all our core functionality to every Irish individual and business: instant setup, full control over the user experience, straightforward pricing, and a fully integrated stack.

Video Site Viki Had Talks With Google And Yahoo Before It Took A $200M Deal With ... -- Rakutens $200 million acquisition of Viki the video streaming site where users worldwide contribute subtitles to premium content is a clear sign of how Rakuten wants to use digital content to build out its e-commerce marketplace. Before talks got serious between Japans Rakuten and Singapore-based Viki, Viki CEO and co-founder Razmig Hovaghimian tells me the latter was in the process of raising a Series C round to keep growing its business and make more inroads to new markets. There really there is no surprise in either of those names, though, considering that Google owns YouTube, Yahoo has long been looking how to make more headway in video content, and, like Viki, both are ad-based businesses looking for ways of growing revenues outside the U.S., which is exactly where ad-based Viki is growing the most. More importantly, Mickey points out that Viki has a clear complement to what Rakuten is already trying to do with video it owns a Netflix-style OTT video streaming company in Europe called Wuaki , and there are plans to put more of that kind of Rakuten content on to devices made by Kobo , the e-reader and tablet company owned by Rakuten.

Lets start a fight on the Internet | PandoDaily -- Lets start a fight on the Internet, and engage in a bout of intellectual one-upmanship. Lets start a fight on the Internet. There is a fight to be had on the Internet, and we will win it for our fans. There is naught to gain by being civil for this is a fight on the Internet. These are the fights of the Internet. I see no harm in trying both.

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