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Four short links: 3 May 2013 -- "It puts the locus of power with the patient, whereas if you go to your doctor, the power structure is that you're lower," Sherpaa Doctor Ida Santana told Jezebel. Santana investigated: turns out her doctor's office didn't have her full medical history and therefore denied her coverage.

Parallel Universe Erlang (and Go) in Clojure (and Java) -- Well start at the end: Quasar and Pulsar are two new open-source libraries in Java and Clojure respectively that add Erlang-like actor-model (and Go-like coroutine/channel) programs to the JVM. :pong [:ping @self]) (receive :pong (println "Ping received pong")) (recur (dec n))))) (defsusfn pong [] (receive :finished (println "Pong finished") [:ping ping] (do (println "Pong received ping") (! Other languages notably Go with channels and goroutines, and Clojure with agents and frameworks (like Akka), have copied some aspects of the actor model, but they all suffer from deficiencies that make them more complicated, or less powerful than Erlang. But Clojure is a more modern language than Erlang, as a Lisp its very malleable, and it runs on a very versatile platform, so it is much easier to bring Erlang to Clojure than the other way around. All this goes to say that porting Erlang actors to Clojure might be a worthwhile undertaking (and at the very least an interesting exercise).

Facebook Ads Startup SocialWire Raises Another $1M, Chief Revenue Officer Bob Bu ... -- When I talked to Buch this morning, he acknowledged that when he tells people that he works in the advertising business, they usually respond, Oh, I hate advertising. But that, Buch said, is why Im doing this. The companys goal to is to create advertising thats a win win win something that attracts customers for advertisers, makes money for publishers (for now that means Facebook), and actually exposes consumers to relevant products. Buch argued that the company hadnt quite reached the point where it made sense to reach a Series A (youve got your product market fit, youve got your core technology, now go scale out your revenue) , so it raised the seed extension instead.

Planning for Another 100 Million Web Sites - -- There are maybe 100 million Web sites out there that is not many, when you consider that there are billions of people, said David Rusenko, the chief executive of Weebly , a service that enables relatively easy creation of Web sites. We did a survey, and found that while 60 percent of people didnt trust a business without a Web site, 75 percent of people didnt know it was possible to create their own site, Mr. Rusenko said.

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