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Four short links: 3 July 2013

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Lockdown -- RSS, semantic markup, microformats, and open APIs all enable interoperability, but the big players dont want that they want to lock you in, shut out competitors, and make a service so proprietary that even if you could get your data out, it would be either useless (no alternatives to import into) or cripplingly lonely (empty social networks). 4 The escalating three-way war between Google, Facebook, and Twitter by far the three most important web players today is accumulating new casualties every day at our expense.

An Open Letter to Craig Newmark ~ Krrb -- Once installed, the Krrb It button enables a registered user of Krrb to copy FACTUAL information from their OWN Craigslist posts to Krrb, using publicly available information, and displayed in a way that is unique to Krrb. Craigslist has accused Krrb of inducing Craigslist users to violate Craigslist terms of use via our Krrb It button. We dont want a future where Craigslist can sue you for distributing your own band flyer by hand, just because you posted it on Craigslist.

Shared Command - Ben Horowitz - Voices - AllThingsD -- At LinkedIn, the chain of command is clear: Jeff Weiner runs the company. I do not know the details so I do not know for certain, but the Zynga structure smells much more like shared command. Often any decision, even the wrong decision, is better than no decision. Sharing command almost guarantees that the CEO position will perform poorly in this dimension. And now, because they couldnt make one decision, every single decision that the company makes from this day forward will be slower than it would have been otherwise. To a large extent it is Aneels company now in terms of command structure. Because Dave and Aneel know each other so well, the division of decision making is natural and obvious to them and everyone in the company.

TC Cribs: Inside StumbleUpon HQ, Where The Webs Fearless Explorers Work And Play ... -- Welcome back for a new episode of Cribs , the TechCrunch TV series that goes inside the offices of the tech industrys hottest companies to see what day-to-day life is like for the whiz kids who work there. StumbleUpon is a very interesting company, since its both an established name (its been around since 2002 !) with a big user base and a proper independent startup.

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