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Four short links: 31 May 2014

Silicon Valley

This @reddit tee has to be the gayest shirt I own. I love it. Also: Hi, #Seattle ... -- Get the appEnter your number and we'll send you a link to the app.This @reddit tee has to be the gayest shirt I own.

(How to Write a (Lisp) Interpreter (in Python)) -- and in addition using the current environment for any variables not in the parameter list (for example, the variable *).

It's Like Tinder, But Just for the Over-50 Crowd -- Andrew Dowling is behind Stitch, an online dating service that nominally aims to provide "companionship" for users (rather than the one night stands Tinder is renowned for). (There are no stats about the over-50 crowd.)

After the Sun (Microsystems) Sets, the Real Stories Come Out - IEEE Spectrum -- For its first official week of existence in 1982, Sun Microsystems was "Sun Workstation." The moniker was intended to give the impression that the new business was going to go after the university market, and not Sun's regular business customers, but, said Bechtolsheim, it was always intended to be a general purpose workstation. Why, for example, mused John Gage, Sun employee number five and chief researcher, did they do the initial assembly of Sun workstations on the floor? Facebook intentionally left a few Sun signs up when it took over the former Sun campus in Menlo Park to remind people of what can happen to a company) the people inside will still be working on cool technology.

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