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Four short links: 31 May 2013

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Debuting Its Second Batch Of 18 Companies, 500 Startups Looks To Become The Most ... -- In February, 500 Startups Mexico City showed off its first batch of companies, and, now that its begun to hit its stride in Mexico, the accelerator is expanding its scope. In what is a feather in the cap for McClure and also a sign of both how far the region has to go (and how much opportunity there is), Salazar tells us that, with 35 investments in Mexico to date, 500 Startups is now the most active seed capital fund in the country. As one of the few seed funds and accelerators serving the region, 500 Startups Mexico City saw more than 250 applications for its second batch.

Full Video of Tesla and SpaceX Head Elon Musk at D11 - Liz Gannes - D11 - AllThi ... -- As CEO of both Tesla Motors and SpaceX, Elon Musk is methodically and intensely focused, but in conversation hes surprisingly easygoing and willing to poke fun at himself.

Another Silly Startup Analogy | Diego Basch's Blog -- The host would put the key into a plastic cylinder and mix it with other similar-looking keys that wouldnt open anything. There would be five seconds of suspense while the boy or girl jiggled the key as it failed to open the lock. The process would repeat until one lucky contestant picked the right key, and watch the video below, no subtitles needed. You needed skill in order to get a key (a chance of a good exit). And ultimately you needed dumb luck to pick the right key.

Letter from Loretto - A Prison Letter from a CIA Whistleblower - OpenWatch -- This is an Open Investigation! In it, he details a scheme by prison officials seemingly aimed at getting him and another prisoner to attack each other in order to get them sent to solitary confinement. The purpose of this letter is to tell you about prison life. When I arrived, however, much to my surprise, the Corrections Officer (CO, or "hack") who processed me said that the Bureau of Prisons had deemed me a "threat to the public safety," and so I would serve the entire sentence in the actual prison, rather than the camp. My cellmates include two Dominicans serving 24 - and 20 - year sentences for drugs, a Mexican serving 15 years for drugs, and a Puerto Rican serving 7 1/2 years for drug conspiracy, and the former auditor of Cuyahoga County, Ohio, who's doing a long sentence for corruption. Loretto has 1,369 prisoners (I never call myself an "inmate." The rest of the white prisoners are here for drugs, except for a dozen or so who ran Ponzi schemes. Most of the guys in here have worked their way down to a low-security prison from a medium or a maximum, and they don't want to go back. Well, the CO said, this was the uncle of the Times Square bomber, and after we had met, he called a number in Pakistan, reported the meeting, and was told to kill me. Why would the uncle of the Times Square bomber be in a low-security prison? I get a great deal of mail here in prison (and I answer every letter I get.) Monday through Friday, prisoners gather in front of the unit CO's office for mail call.

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