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Four short links: 31 July 2013

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Quip -- With Quip, you can make your edits right in the shared document, comment on a specific section, and even chat with the other authors directly while you're all making tweaks. Share the Quip document with your contractors so everyone can stay up-to-date on the progress. With Quip, it's easy to draft a proposal together or see who's online to ask an invoicing question.

Amazon brings a revolutionary new feature to Kindle for iOS: the Kindle Store | ... -- Amazon today introduced a convoluted system through which its customers are able to search for free samples of books they might wish to read on their iPhone, devour the literary hors doeuvres, and then email themselves a link to Amazons online store, where they can purchase the full book. Amazon removed the link and then removed all mention of the Kindle Store, effectively severing the Kindle app from the rest of its ecosystem .

AnandTech | Looking at CPU/GPU Benchmark Optimizations in Galaxy S 4 -- What's even more interesting is the fact that it seems as though TwDVFSApp seems to have an architecture for other benchmark applications not specifically in the whitelist to request for BenchmarkBoost mode as an intent, since the application is also a broadcast receiver. This seems to be purely an optimization to produce repeatable (and high) results in CPU tests, and deliver the highest possible GPU performance benchmarks. In order to avoid creating a situation where thermals were higher than they'd be while playing a normal game (and to avoid damaging graphics cards without thermal protection), we saw GPU vendors limit the clock frequency of their GPUs when they detected these power-virus style of apps. offer a configurable setting that fixes the CPU governor in a high performance mode, and unlocks the 532MHz GPU frequency) or remove the optimization altogether.

Rover, The Dog Owners Dream Startup, Partners With Petco | Uncrunched -- More on the news (including lots of details I dont mention here) at: TechCrunch , Next Web , Pando , Geekwire and TechMeme . Theres a business problem there for Rover that is less prevalent at Airbnb people could just work directly with the sitter from then on and bypass Rover. Its always interesting to drop what Im doing for CrunchFund and drive over to the local dog park (with our three dogs in tow) to meet a dog and its parents. You can also find me on Twitter , Facebook , CrunchBase and .

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