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Four short links: 30 June 2013

Director Louis Freeh, six figure salaries, energy monitors, dangerous servant

Encryption Has Foiled Wiretaps for First Time Ever, Feds Say | Threat Level | Wi ... -- For the first time, encryption is thwarting government surveillance efforts through court-approved wiretaps, U.S. officials said today. (The figures, a significant increase from 2011s reported 2,732 , do not account for those secretly authorized by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which is at the center of the Spygage firestorm .)

Dont go to art school I.M.H.O. Medium -- The traditional approach is failing us. Unless youre given a full ride scholarship (or have parents with money to burn), attending art school is a waste of your money. Prior to that I attended the best private art school in the nation. For less than a few grand a year I can view more educational material than I would see at any art school. You can get a year of access to all of the Gnomon Workshops videos for the cost of a few days at the average art school. Do this:

Jean Choi 15, | Princeternships 2012-2013 -- Savraj is the CEO of Wattvision, a startup company that produces energy monitors that track energy usage in homes and public buildings, and also creates software that displays live feedback on energy use and analyzes this energy data over time. Over lunch, I learned about both Diegos and Savrajs past experiences in industry and the startup world before Wattvision, Diego had created a Facebook app with his friends during college, and Savraj had worked as a PM at Microsoft and at a startup that helped users run contests online. I also talked with Diego and Savraj about some of the challenges of creating a startup, and how startups are funded. Having come into the Princeternship with no previous startup experience, it was amazing to be able to talk to Savraj about his past and current experiences in the startup world, and how he had gotten started. Savraj gave me a lot of great advice about how to avoid common startup mistakes, and he introduced me to many resources that gave tips about entrepreneurship and shared recent startup news. I am very grateful to Savraj for all of the experiences and advice he shared with me after four days, I feel like I have a much better grasp of what it takes to be part of a startup, and what I should do now to get started on the path to becoming an entrepreneur!

Motives Aside, the NSA Should Not Spy on Us - -- We may have more to fear from spies acting out of patriotic zeal than those acting out of power lust or economic interest. So the danger remains that innocent people could have their lives seriously disrupted or worse by a zealous agent of government who sees an ominous pattern in someones data where none in fact exists.

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