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Four short links: 30 August 2013

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Learning how to think -- There is an insanely huge difference between, Were making a site for connecting to your friends and, Privacy is a relic of the past, so were going to push people to open up their lives and share, connecting them together.

Remote Work Collaboration Startup Sqwiggle Closes On $1.1M In AngelLists First S ... -- Sqwiggle , a startup that makes a web application that aims to close that communication gap between remote workers, has just closed on $1.1 million in a brand new seed funding round. Sqwiggle itself was built while the founding team was working remotely, so dog fooding was a way of life as the product was coming together.

Introduction to AWS OpsWorks - Artsy Engineering -- AWS OpsWorks features an integrated management experience for the entire application lifecycle including resource provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, monitoring, and access control. OpsWorks offers more flexibility and control, allowing you to customize the types of servers you employ and the layers or services that make up your application. (We even blogged about it here , here , here , here , and here .) Rather than continue to work against the platform, we turned to OpsWorks for greater flexibility while keeping administrative burden low. OpsWorks defines plenty of built-in layers (for Rails, HAProxy, PHP, Node, Memcached, MySQL, etc.), but you can also define your own. Examples:

A horrifying accelerator story that youll need to read twice -- Were also told that those funds are dependent on meeting with the VC and, at the end, were told that we need to be C corps before theyll wire the funds. Things start to get better for my team as were introduced to [name of a mentor] as a mentor and we finally feel like were getting some guidance. The MD kept telling us how amazing [this mentor] was until it was announced that he is going to be the MD for [a competing program]. One of her team members read the email in full and pulls her aside to tell her that the email actually said hes open for paid speaking engagements and anyone can get him if they have the budget for it. She kicked him out and told him that her board wanted to kick him out for a while and she kept getting negative feedback about him from mentors. Shed moved the date of the demo day almost a full month back from what we were told it was at the start of the program. I told her I was not going to extend the lease and she offered to get my team in for demo day. I tell her Im not comfortable being treated differently because my team is further along. Then we had members from her team telling us they hadnt seen her in a few days and they were worried about her mental health and physical well-being. The fact is she promised his cofounder, who was at the time of application a full-time [name of a profession], that shed help them raise at least $100K easily and she knew that was the amount needed for his cofounder to quit her [same profession] job. I told her officially that my team would no longer be involved with her program and wished her the best. They also told us that there was no board of directors or advisers at the time she was citing them and that shed never gotten negative feedback about my roommate. There were 10 investors at their demo day and when they asked about us, she told them that we were out of the country working on a deal, representing that we were still involved with the accelerator. I met you once in Colorado, I traveled down for the thing you guys had going on at the time, I took a few days off of a busy work week and really planned it out, I decided to say hello, but not to sound mean you acted like a complete Dick and brushed me off, I just tried to say hello and maybe talk about my startup. Youre smarter and more successful than I am but you keep writing just diligence when I think you mean due diligence.

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