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Four short links: 2 June 2014

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Nex7's Blog: ZFS: Read Me 1st -- I don't know where this got started, but at some point, something must have been said that has led some people to believe ZFS is or has clustered filesystem features. I would not expect, on a properly tuned system, in an 8-32K average block size VDI-workload, for 44 drives in mirror pool to be able to outperform a single STEC ZeusRAM (eg: I wouldn't expect it to be your bottleneck, from an IOPS perspective).I would expect the ZeusRAM to bottleneck you on a throughput test - or if your average blocksize is 32K or greater (getting ever more likely up to 128K). Regardless how we setup the ZFS pools all important data will be residing on the ZFS box *AND* *TWO SEPARATE* other locations/machines/drives (IE, it will always be on 3 separate machines on at least 3 separate drives. I was thinking that it made sense to reduce the size of the backup pool and allocate two global hot spares, so that any failure would rebuild automatically and give me time to respond.Your post brought back scary memories of a single array going offline, causing ZFS to scramble to build hot spares and declaring the whole pool invalid. So at the end of the day, you've added another vdev which should have almost doubled your write performance, but instead it won't double it, it in fact will probably only increase it by 20-50%, because not only is every write only as fast as the slowest vdev involved in the write (and now you've got a 7200 RPM vdev in there), but it's going to write a larger majority of the new data onto that slower vdev for awhile, as well.Even if you rewrite data often enough that you eventually 'normalize', it will still end up only improving your pool's write IOPS by less than double the original speed, as the new vdev isn't as fast as the old one.I feel compelled to point out, though, that the part about normalizing and preferring the new vdev is going to happen regardless of similarity in the vdevs - that's one of the reasons I like to explain this early if I get the chance, so people know what to expect when it comes to 'expanding' a pool (it expands the space, but you can't expect it to expand the performance nearly as linearly, especially if you don't rewrite existing data that often).

403 Forbidden -- Avoids Internet connections and websites -- in other words, you want personal computer software Provides the moon's phases, without the "fluff" and unnecessary information Is simple, fun and easy to use Is accurate anywhere in the world Allows calculations for any selected point in time (year, date and time) Gives detailed current moon phase information immediately -- on the opening screen, with: Visual image of the moon's current phase Age (how far along the moon is in a full cycle) Percent full (exactly how much of the moon is illuminated) Phase name (New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter Moon, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Third Quarter Moon, Waning Crescent) When the next new moon is When the next full moon is When the next 1st and 3rd quarter moons are Position of the moon in the sky (azimuth and altitude) at your location Times of moonrise and moonset for your location Has calendars for fast past and future browsing ...

Gdels Loophole by Enrique Guerra-Pujol :: SSRN -- In summary, Gdels loophole is that the amendment procedures set forth in Article V self-apply to the constitutional statements in Article V themselves, including the entrenchment clauses in Article V. Furthermore, not only may Article V itself be amended, but it may also be amended in a downward direction (i.e., through an anti-entrenchment amendment making it easier to amend the Constitution).

Factorio -- See some videos, read about the features or check out our FAQ.Recent updatesFriday Facts #36 - Better late than sorryPosted by Tomas on 2014-05-31Friday Facts #35 - Lighthouse keeperPosted by kovarex on 2014-05-23Paysafecard and PresentationPosted by Tomas on 2014-05-20Friday Facts #34 - Sales, Support, Stress and SteamPosted by Tomas on 2014-05-16Friday Facts #33 - AnnouncementsPosted by Tomas on 2014-05-09read more

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