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Four short links: 2 June 2013

Karl Eikenberry, Bessemer Venture Partners, virtual reality headsets, rough approximation

How Meals Win Wars - D.B. Grady - The Atlantic -- This month, the Marines in Afghanistan will no longer have access to a midnight dinner service at Camp Leatherneck. Make E-6.) He was a cook, which isn't the most glamorous job the Army has to offer, and he smoked incessantlyMarlboro reds at the start of his deployment, eventually graduating to some type of Korean cigarette that burned exactly the way I imagine throat cancer to burn. A few weeks after arriving, John was given charge of our camp's midnight chow, a meal that wasn't previously offered. Observationally: Cooks seem to put 10 or so basic meals into rotation, changing up the sides on occasion, and incorporating whatever new item is sent from wherever it is the Defense Department finds food. (Afghanistan is notable for its lack of Whole Foods.) Midnight dinner services were planned weeks in advance. The Marines at Camp Leatherneck are losing access to a midnight meal, but more than that, they are losing a venue for camaraderie and support.

The Quantitative VC | TechCrunch -- The latest trend is the role of the data scientist within a firm, and how a firms data is being used to help VCs scout better deals and entrepreneurs and eventually create better returns for their LPs. Hes building the platform and plans to start raising a fund early next year that will intelligently take the massive amount of data available to investors, such as information from CrunchBase, social media, web metrics and a number of proprietary data sources to identify the best opportunities and be able to add value to companies in a scalable way. Theres the basic signals like Compete and Alexa data, as well as App Store and Play Store data and rankings. VCs are also combing through sites like LinkedIn to scout talent on who could be starting a company and paying for data streams of SEC filings, and other forms of public financial data from sources like CB Insights, Venture Source and others. Google is a data company, and many of us worked at Google previously, so naturally the way we look at investing and tackling problems is from a quantitative perspective.

Santa Ana police chase: Pedestrian identified | -- Reisse, a Santa Ana resident, was walking in a crosswalk when he was struck and killed at the end of a police chase Thursday. With Sanchez at the wheel, the Charger slammed into two vehicles during the pursuit before hitting Reisse, police said.

Startups, Growth and the Rule of 72 | David Lee -- With that in mind, more and more startups include their growth metrics either when pitching or updating investors (e.g., X% growth week over week; But the idea is that if you are growing X% over one period and you sustain that growth, then you will double your growth in 72/X time periods. For example, 72% growth in one month doesn't mean you will double your growth in one month.

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