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Four short links: 29 May 2013

Critical Miss, million unique visitors, Edward Dowling, video surveillance equipment

We've All Been Playing Monopoly Wrong Our Entire Lives -- Ive always played by the auction rule and once saw an 11 year old burst into tears because he WON the auction and then decided hed rather not spend that much on the property in question. is Fail

Native or not, GumGums in-image ads work, and thats what matters | PandoDaily -- As the company wrote in a recent blog post, In-image ads work because they get seen, appearing on contextually relevant images, in-line with editorial content where a consumers attention is actively engaged. Another advantage of in-image ads is that they allow publishers to reclaim the areas site real estate often dedicated to traditional display advertising which can often be as high as 30 percent of a given screen.

Kickfolio Becomes, Raises $1 Million+ To Bring Mobile Apps To The Browser ... -- Kickfolio , a company offering tools that allow iOS applications to run in the browser using HTML5 technology, is today announcing both a name change, just over $1 million in seed funding and Facebook integration. The service is reminiscent of the Facebook acquisition Pieceable , which offered a similar solution for running apps in the browser, but one that had relied on rendering apps using Flash. The move comes at a time when Facebooks own app install ads which simply point users to the appropriate app stores are starting to show real revenue, with 3,800 developers last quarter driving more than 25 million installs, and 40 percent of the top iOS and Android developers on board.

Entrepreneurs Help Build Start-Ups by the Batch - -- Hunter Walk, a former director of product management at Google, said, Whats often needed at the early stages isnt more capital in a vacuum, but people with operational experience who can give their full attention to these companies. Mr. Walk is raising a venture capital fund, called Homebrew, with another former Google executive, Satya Patel. (The New York Times Company is an investor.)

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