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Four short links: 29 December 2013

programming language, time and time again, In a nutshell

Ayuda Media Systems Do I really need a programming language? -- ( if ) / | \ / | \ ( ) ( 10 ) ( 5 ) / \ / \ ( price ) ( 100 )

Show Me A Man, Ill Show You The Ideas Hes Built On. -- I know I can get debt free, how the heck do people do it? Your focus will be on the good things people have done for you, the sacrifices people have made for you, and the way you treat people will only confirm the goodness of people and yourself. Force yourself to keep an open mind, actively look for fantastic ideas about yourself, others, and the world and add them into your life. Then, start to expose yourself to new ideas every week, write down the ones you like, the ones that challenge your current ideas, and the ones that frustrate you the most.

Announcing Ubuntu and Android dual boot developer preview - Ubuntu Discourse -- Installing and running dual boot can be done in a few easy steps. In a nutshell, it requires performing a one-off installation of the dual boot app in Android, which will enable you to both install the version of Ubuntu of your choice, and to reboot into Ubuntu. Do i lose anything and can I just do the installation, or will a new installation of CM be performed?

Learn to think big and small - on startups -- So actually, Gabriel's initial title ("Learn to think big") is not quite right, as he admits himself, though he mostly looks at the "think small in order to execute" side of things. Think today, tomorrow, next month, think how do we make this fly now.

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