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Four short links: 29 August 2013

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Electrons and Atoms - Sam Altman -- There are two main models for thisthe Uber model, where you push a button on a website/app and something happens in the real world, and the Airbnb model, where you use a service to do something in the real world that would be possible but extremely inefficient. Facebook has obviously been much more successful than services like SecondLife, which were entirely virtual, and services MySpace, which were less about real identity and real friends. And this bridge is often a matter of degreemany, if not most, online companies touch the real world in some way. (Note: Redfin almost exclusively hires the wet behind the ears)

Getting the V right -- The first start-up launched their product, talked to customers who didnt like it, so moved on to something else. And you cant know what is viable until you put the product and the market together. The new users must know why your product is good, and be able to quickly build an ongoing relationship with it. You can launch something less what you think will needed, if you know you can get continued interaction with the market.

Humble eBook Bundle 2 (pay what you want and help charity) -- Name your price for The Special Special Special by Maria Bamford (provided by ), Live by Tig Notaro, My Name is Hannibal by Hannibal Buress, and Please Be Offended by Jim Norton. A full list of available video and audio formats can be found here .

6 Emerging Trends In Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship - Forbes -- Whether you buy into the hype or not, there is a growing trend around a new sharing economy. If youre an entrepreneur who follows ongoing challenges, you know these companies have often had an early, difficult legal history but are now thriving. Companies like ZipCar (hourly car sharing) and LendingClub (peer to peer lending) had a difficult time getting off the ground initially but have since helped pave the way for newer companies like AirBnb , TaskRabbit , Etsy and Uber . Better Communities And Support For Entrepreneurs

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