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Four short links: 28 August 2013

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Along For The Ride -- But when its too heavy-handed, it becomes annoying and patronizing: You think youre impressing me, but youre wasting my time. After sitting through all of these, day after day, its no longer impressive it just feels needlessly, artificially slow.

Details Behind Today's Internet Hacks | CloudFlare Blog -- Recursive DNS providers follow the DNS chain, starting at the root, then the TLD registry, then ultimately to whatever is listed as the authoritative name server for the domain. In order to lighten the load upstream, recursive DNS providers cache results for a limited period of time known as a TTL. OpenDNS and Google's DNS team worked to correct the hacked records for the customers of their recursive DNS services. While quick action by OpenDNS and Google limited the impact on their customers, web surfers using other recursive DNS providers continued to be served hacked results. Unfortunately, because recursive DNS servers cache results for a period of time, even after the records were corrected, many name servers were still pointing to the incorrect locations for affected domains.

BBC Radio 4 - Finding a Way: The Future of Navigation -- Add "Finding a Way: The Future of Navigation" to Favourites Add "Finding a Way: The Future of Navigation" to Favourites

Estimote (YC S13) featured in Upstart Business Journal: Bringing Bluetooth low-e ... -- There are deals personalized to the shopper and an option to pay for the item in the app and have it shipped home or delivered at the front of the store (for example, in an Ikea store).

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