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Four short links: 27 July 2013

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The White House should end the bulk collection of Americans phone records - The ... -- JIM LO SCALZO/EPA - The headquarters of the National Security Administration (NSA) in Fort Meade, Maryland. We believe that, when presented with all the facts, most Americans would agree with us that the White House should end the bulk collection of Americans phone records and instead obtain this information directly from phone companies, using regular court orders based on individual suspicion. While still allowing law enforcement and intelligence agencies to obtain a wide range of records, our bill, which is supported by members of both parties, would require the government to demonstrate that any private records obtained for intelligence purposes are in some way connected to terrorism or clandestine intelligence activities an explicit requirement that does not exist in the law today. The Patriot Acts bulk phone records collection program does not achieve these goals and, in our view, the NSA has not demonstrated that it is necessary for innocent Americans to give up their privacy when it comes to their phone records. In doing so, they have conflated two programs the collection of the content of communications under Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, and the bulk collection of Americans phone records under Section 215 of the Patriot Act.

Zero Tolerance Policies Put Students In The Hands Of Bad Cops | Techdirt -- Police Force: Oh we'll help you, but you're a low priority so we'll just send our worst people to your schools to act as school security, since you know, we need competent people on the streets to deal with all the actual crime that happens during the school day. Extending that power into schools is just a way to expand their power and to condition children to fear the police and expect to have their rights trampled on a regular basis.

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