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Four short links: 26 May 2013

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Continuations : Antifragile by Nassim Taleb (Book Review) -- Ok, so this isnt so much a review as an exhortation to read Antifragile by Nassim Taleb which I consider one of the most important non-fiction books I have read. I dont read a lot of non-fiction books, not because I dont start them but because I dont finish them. Dont let that stop you from reading Antifragile. For instance, the largest previously recorded flood is an upper bound on the floods for which we have past data (by definition) and even larger floods are completely absent from the data (but that does not make them impossible) [2]

Is The FBI Dumb, Evil, Or Just Incompetent? | TechCrunch -- So the FBI would only be able to wiretap suspects who are either too dumb to use encryption in which case they ought to be easy enough to catch without wiretaps or who think they have nothing to hide. Unable to come to terms with the new world of technology, and take advantage of the many ways in which new technology can aid their investigations in new ways without turning America into a panopticon , theyre instead still thinking inside the box of 20th-century wiretapping, and insisting that tech companies implement a counterproductive, expensive, and ultimately pointless toolkitpurely to satisfy their own blinkered lack of imagination.

pcwalton/ GitHub -- The Rust standard library cannot be used in this mode, but splitting out the Rust standard library into a portion that can be used in freestanding mode would be an interesting and valuable project (IMO).

2013 05 BEA - Mobile is eating the World -- Apple and Googles Android have won Unlikely that other platforms will be relevant (WindowsPhone, Blackberry, other newer efforts) But share of value and use between Apple and Android is uid Googles control of Android is partial - Amazon Kindle,Chinese Android, Samsung intentions unclear Facebook and Amazon trying to extract value23Platform wars

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