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Four short links: 26 June 2013

Rebecca Minkoff, negative stigmas, YouTube videos, signal to noise ratio

Rent The Runway Acquires Fashion-Focused Photo Sharing And Styling App Go Try It ... -- Rent The Runway has also been trying to add more social features and recently introduced its own online social shopping platform, Our Runway, which allows women to shop based on user-generated photos of real women with similar body types. The app allows women to enter their height, bust size, dress size and age, in order to view thousands of diverse women with comparable shapes in dresses available for rent. We provide millions of women the ability to rent designer dresses, accessories and other essentials for a fraction of the retail price, allowing them to look, and more importantly, feel, beautiful for all of their special occasions.

The battle for geek cultures core | PandoDaily -- Theres a battle raging for the heart of geek culture. Being a geek is no longer something that needs to be fixed, and geeks and nerds can now wear their identities without shame. One could argue that this provides no benefit to geek women, but just as other industries have attractive spokespeople, that alone should not be enough to attack the new pretty faces of geek culture. In the end, geek culture may suffer from its own popularity, becoming something appealing to the masses while rejecting actual geeks. [Source: TechCrunch ]

How Smule Chief Product Officer Prerna Gupta Turned iPhones Into Mics, The App S ... -- In 2013, Apples app store hit 50 billion downloads, and total app sales across all platforms may surpass $25 billion. Then--and really, ultimately, this is the only thing for a company that makes apps--the equation that you have to solve is that the money you make per app install has to be more than what it costs you to acquire one app install. So we can show videos of our app Magic Piano , for example, on Flurry's network, and users on another participating app can choose to watch these videos to earn currency inside their game in exchange for watching. So someone might enter that community by singing into LaDiDa, our karaoke app, or by creating a music video through our app CineBeat , or by playing a piano through our Magic Piano app.

First Look: - Musings in product - Quora -- It's important as a product designer to try out new products, so I try to as often as I can, regardless of who built it. I think we have gotten used to other things providing context to what we are clicking into (who's commenting, who's posting, snippets, pictures, etc.) This is also only 1 person's stream of links, imagine 20 different friends with a variety of interests.

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