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Four short links: 26 July 2013

Vaclav Smil, Silicon Valley venture, unanswered legal questions, early stage companies

Harvesting The Biosphere: Book Review | Bill Gates -- Smil tries to figure out what portion of the biosphere's primary productivity the amount of plant life generated each year by photosynthesis is consumed by humans. It is amazing how little meat was available in most diets as recently as 1800: just a few kilograms per year, versus about 100 kg of meat per year in an average American diet today. (The average Indian, by contrast, eats about 10 kg of meat each year.) The world now harvests far more crops to feed animals that produce meat, dairy, and eggs than to feed humans. He pointed out that humans eat about 300 million tons of meat a year, and producing even a small percentage of that amount in meat alternatives would be a real challenge.

500 Startups - Silicon Valley seed fund & accelerator founded by PayPal, Google, ... -- Despite the fact that 500 startups has a proven track record of launching successful companies, joining 500 startups is probably the most fun and the most rewarding experience I have ever had. Love their team, philosophy, and network

Feds tell Web firms to turn over user account passwords - CNET Mobile -- Even if the National Security Agency or the FBI successfully obtains an encrypted password, salt, and details about the algorithm used, unearthing a user's original password is hardly guaranteed. A 2009 paper ( PDF ) by computer scientist Colin Percival estimated that it would cost a mere $4 to crack, in an average of one year, an 8-character bcrypt password composed only of letters.

These 10 Tech Startups Attract Insane Interest On LinkedIn - Forbes -- In a blog post this week, Raybould analyzes the ways that 287,000 LinkedIn members in Silicon Valleys tech sector engage with various early-stage companies (defined as outfits with fewer than 500 employees on LinkedIn.) If everyone is clicking on these startups job ads, or choosing to follow such companies, thats a strong signal such new enterprises have won respect or awe from their peers. Nutanix , a San Jose, Calif., company that develops virtual computing platforms. Big Switch Networks , a Mountain View, Calif., company thats rolling out software-defined networks. Nimble Storage , a San Jose data storage company that blends high-performance flash technology with cheaper disk drives.

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