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Four short links: 25 May 2013

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Automattic After-Market | Matt Mullenweg -- The standard operating procedure at the time for VC-backed companies consisted of bringing in adult supervision, founders often taking largely-ceremonial roles like chief architect after the business had scaled to a certain point, aggressive financial terms around liquidation preferences, and a control structure that more often than not left founders with a minority say in the future of the company, especially if it went through rough patches. Were building an independent company thats going to be a growing part of the fabric of the web for many years to come, so allowing early investors to lock in some returns releases any short-term pressure there might be on the company for a liquidity event and allows us to focus fully on the long road ahead. I took a couple classes based on this stuff (starting companies) in my undergrad and the wisdom (this was ~10 years ago) was that founders suck at growing companies so you need VCs to lead the way.

Enter the Ninja: A startup attempts world domination on Internet of Things from ... -- So rather than being the company that might build the next Nest , or Philips Hue , or LifeX , it is attempting to position itself as the mediator that allows smart devices and the sensors to talk to each other in a meaningful way. Other startups in the space include Xively , ioBridge , and Wovyn .

Erply Raises $2.15 Million Series B Led By Redpoint For iPad-Oriented Retail Sof ... -- Erply , the startup that makes iPad-oriented and cloud-based point of sale and inventory management software for retailers, has raised $2.15 million in new funding, co-founder CEO Kristian Hiiemaa tells TechCrunch. Erply offers: Full-featured financials, CRM, POS, inventory, and ecommerce software - all in a single system Real-time management across your entire business operation - shops, offices On-demand infrastructure, that actually lowers maintenance and cuts license fees Real-time dashboards for all your information need Anywhere, anytime access to the information you need Erply was selected as a winner...

Mr. China Goes To San Francisco | TechCrunch -- It will be the new home of Lime Lab, a hush-hush design consultancy that Casey bought in 2012 for an undisclosed amount and, most important, the U.S. gateway to Asian PCHs manufacturing might that allows hardware startups to access stem-to-stern services in design, coding, manufacturing, packaging and shipping. Were doing more up-front product development, end-to-end. Using PCHs retail distribution platform, TNS Distribution in Dublin, Ireland, coupled with the companys extensive contacts in Chinas manufacturing centers, Lime Lab can take a sketch of a product and bring it to fruition at a speed unimaginable for most strategic design houses. One we have the idea fleshed out with the design team, we work with the team in Shenzhen to take it to the finish line.

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