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Four short links: 25 June 2013

abstract syntax tree, interactive thesaurus, Pierre Perron, Hubert Burda

Haskell for all: From zero to cooperative threads in 33 lines of Haskell code -- mainThread Thread IO () mainThread Thread IO () thread1 = forM_ [1..10] $ \i -> do lift $ print i yield thread2 :: Thread IO () thread2 = replicateM_ 3 $ do lift $ putStrLn "Hello" yield

Online Book Publishing Platform 7write Raises $250,000 Seed Round From Early Pay ... -- Described as narrative fiction novel writing software, it includes a suite of inspirational creativity features to help authors during the process of writing a novel, such as mind-mapping, tools to help develop the personality traits of fictional characters, and an interactive thesaurus. With an abundance of new eBooks being published everyday (having overtaken print), 7write has rightfully identified that building a readership and being discovered as a new author is a major problem. Authors write once and can have their work appear on any of the 14 eBook platforms supported by 7write without having to spend hours reformatting their manuscripts.

Sony Supersizes Its Xperia Smartphone Line With 6.4 Full HD Xperia Z Ultra Phabl ... -- Pierre Perron, president of Sony Mobile Comms for NW Europe, said the mobile industry has seen increasing consumer demand for larger screens, adding: The big screen segment is one of the fastest growing segments.

European Publishers, Others Slam Google On Abusive Practices, Ask EC To Reject G ... -- It looks like it may be back to the drawing board for Google on the European competitive front: hundreds of publishers and publishing trade associations today are coming out in force to ask the European Commission to reject outright Googles draft remedies, which Google suggested to rebalance competition in search and other online products where it is dominant in the region.

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