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Four short links: 24 May 2013

Thomas Korte, irrational preference, industry parody, emergency medical tech

AngelPads Sixth Batch Of Startups Includes Companies Working On Drones, Storage, ... -- AngelPad , the San Francisco-based accelerator founded by former Googler Thomas Korte, held its sixth demo day yesterday. First, she and Korte push [the startups] really hard. Thats particularly important in the companys early stages, Korte said, because it can be hard for the founders to get honest feedback from their family and friends, and because making a relatively small change can have a big effect on a startups ultimate trajectory. In fact, theres not a single consumer-focused company in the current class, according to Korte some of them might offer consumer products as part of their business, but none of them are focused on building large-scale, free services that make money from advertising. AngelPad provides founders with funding, mentorship and the chance to work alongside other great founders in San Francisco.

In Defense of New Food : Mostly Harmless -- Over the past few months I've gotten to engage with a lot of picky thinkers regarding soylent. If you're on the fence, I hope you will at least agree that food could use some innovation. Food's necessity and ubiquity gives it a powerful status quo, along with massive potential for improvement. Improving food security, the health of those with an average income, giving more people the option to cook less and eat out more often, and abandoning the appeal to nature fallacy would certainly be a change, but it is one that is long overdue. I think it's a little weird to eat food that comes from a tree. Michael Pollan's "real foods" are like Sarah Palin's "real americans". More practically, our old foods can't really compete today. If we want people to be healthier we're going to have to beat fast food at its own game. My net enjoyment of food is far higher than it has ever been. Being in excellent health, never eating poorly, and still enjoying good food socially is a win-win-win. I feel like the world's most food secure human. The body turns ingested food to liquid quite quickly anyways. This is a solved problem in the heavily regulated food industry, with well vetted methods to ensure products are free of heavy metals and microbes, unlike anything I ever cooked at home. This is the only reason people assume "fresh" food is healthier. It is completely possible to make healthy processed foods, there just hasn't been much demand due to this bias. As our understanding of the complex field of flavor science advances we will soon have tastier, healthier foods than ever before. I believe that the gut bacteria that proliferates depending on the other "stuff" that's in food has a lot more to do with our health than we currently realize, perhaps our cognition as well. "Let medicine be thy food", advises Hippocrates, millenia ago. We already have plenty of luxury foods, we need something with utility. It's not about the food. Fad diets are in constant rotation, and the food industry follows suit based not on data, but demand. By making the cheapest, easiest option for food the healthiest, and helping maximize the enjoyable aspects of social eating, soylent breaks the cycle of poor diet and makes users healthy by default. Worrying about something as simple as food in the digital age is weird. Personally, I enjoy food, there are just many things I enjoy more.

Use Bitcoin - YouTube -- Sign in with your Google Account (YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Orkut, Picasa, or Chrome) to add Terence Kawaja's video to your playlist.

I was struck by lightning yesterdayand boy am I sore | Ars Technica -- A lightning rod doesn't exist to provide a spot for the lightning to strike. The lightning rod does the same thing, on a larger scale; it spits out electrons into the air like crazy, so that the charge won't build up sufficiently, and the lightning never hits at all. A lightning rod getting hit means it failed to work adequately; (So, Jason, by religious thinking, you're in need of some serious salvation!) Lightning and thunder were the most palpable manifestations of the angry god of the Old Testament, violent and vengeful. Churches had been thought to be the safest place to store dangerous things, because God would protect them there, and well, a lot of people paid with their lives for that decision -- while whorehouses, sporting the fashionable new lightning rods, never got hit.

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