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Four short links: 24 June 2013

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zerowidth positive lookahead | Jump Point Search Explained -- When we reach a node with a forced neighbor, we stop jumping rightward and add the current node to the open set for further examination and expansion later. Weve already assumed that paths above and below us are handled via other nodes, and we havent stopped because of a forced diagonal neighbor. Since we know how to jump ahead in these directions, we can look there first, and if neither of those directions find any nodes worth looking at, we can move one more step diagonally and do it again.

HKSAR Government issues statement on Edward Snowden -- Since the documents provided by the US Government did not fully comply with the legal requirements under Hong Kong law, the HKSAR Government has requested the US Government to provide additional information so that the Department of Justice could consider whether the US Government's request can meet the relevant legal conditions.

Basic income versus the robots -- Simply put, rich people don't need money, and poor people do. All else being equal, taking some money from rich people and giving it to poor people is therefore the absolute best way to improve worldwide welfare we know of. Think of "robots" as a short-hand for a huge amount of automation, from factories running with fewer staff, through genuine robots doing work like caring for the elderly, all the way to the replacement of white-collar jobs in journalism or law with algorithms which can write financial stories or legal documents automatically). Those who own the robots and the tech are becoming the new landlord rentier types.

IT Device Sales To Rise 6% To 2.4B In 2013, Driven By Android Tablets, Smartphon ... -- Gartner today has released its latest figures charting its overall predictions for how IT devices from PCs to mobile handsets are going to perform this year and in 2014. As in years before, numbers will continue to climb: in 2013, overall shipments will rise 5.9% to 2.35 billion, and will rise again in 2014 to 2.5 billion units, driven by portable, often less expensive, just as powerful mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets. This is gartners preferred term for the neither-here-nor-there category of hardware that includes devices like Chromebooks, tablet/PC hybrids and non-traditional phablets, and Gartners guess is that whatever impact they will have on sales will be to the detriment of tablets rather than PCs or smartphones:

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